Flooring Tips

Care and Maintenance is the key to keeping all your floors looking new.  We carry all the maintenance products you need for every type of floor covering. Outlined below are a few guidelines for maintaining you new floor.


flooring tipsAll carpet manufacturers and yarn manufacturers warrant their product providing the carpet is well maintained. Carpet must be professionally steam cleaned every 18 to 24 months. Keep receipts for all cleaning. Should an issue arise, the manufactures will ask for your proof of cleaning. To have your carpet professionally cleaned and make sure you are getting the best of the best, we highly recommend Steam Action Carpet Cleaning Company steamactioncarpetcleaning.com Their technicians are certified in both carpet and upholstery cleaning. They also offer other types of cleaning and repairs.
Vacuum cleaner – choose one with an adjustable beater bar, as the beater bar should just contact the pile of carpet enough to vibrate the carpet lightly. Vacuums without an adjustable beater bar are not recommended. Also be aware that some vacuums have an overly aggressive action, which may damage the surface of your carpet.
Keeping your carpet swept is the best care you can give it. Carpets receive a terrific beating in ordinary every day use from pounding traffic, dirt, grit, dust, and oily cooking vapors. Frequent vacuuming is the key to keeping your carpet looking new.

Hard Surface Floors (Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate, Ceramic)

flooring tipsSweep often to keep grip and dirt from harming the finish. Clean often with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner – we have all hard surface cleaners available at our store. Wipe up spills promptly and place mats at outside entrances to help prevent dirt from being tracked onto your floor. Make sure table and chair legs have floor protectors, which we also carry. Be careful when moving heavy appliances or any heavy furniture. Place carpet or a piece of plywood on the floor and then move the appliance or furniture onto it. Never slide anything heavy directly over your floor. Avoid narrow heeled or stiletto heeled shoes. These types of shoes can damage even the hardest floor, and damage from narrow heals is considered abuse and is not covered under any warranty.

When sweeping any hard surface floor with a vacuum that has a beater bar, make sure the beater bar is raised to the very highest level. If your vacuum does not have an adjustable beater bar, do not use it.

Additional Information for Specific Hard-Surface Floors

flooring tips· Hardwood – Never clean with soap and water – and never clean with steam. Clean only with recommended hardwood cleaner. Remove spills promptly using a soft cloth. Keep your pets nails trimmed and paws clean and free of dirt, gravel, etc. Real wood floors will show signs of wear over time, depending on the size and lifestyle of your family. By observing a few precautions, and using the cleaning and maintenance program recommended by the manufacturer, you can expect years of beauty from your wood floor.

· Laminate – Clean only with laminate cleaner.  Do not apply floor polishes, detergents, soaps or waxes to your laminate floor. Never use scouring pads or steel wool to clean your floor. Keeping your laminate floor clean by using the proper laminate cleaner is the best care your can give it.

· Ceramic Tile – Clean often with recommended ceramic cleaner.  Avoid using bleach or oily cleaners.  Grout is porous and is subject to staining if not sealed. We carry grout sealers that are easy to apply. Also note – if you have an existing area in your home where the grout has discolored or just needs a new look, you can stain it. We carry grout stains in several colors. A new grout color can change the look of your existing tile dramatically.

 · Vinyls – Clean often with recommended vinyl cleaner.  Keeping your vinyl floor clean is the best care you can give it.