Hard-Surface Floor Installation

Basic information for all hard-surface floors – Once our estimator measures your home and can see the condition of your existing floor, he then can determine what type of preparations are needed before your new floor can be installed. Depending on what type of hard surface floor you have chosen, the clearance on the bottom of your doors may need trimmed. You will need to make those arrangements in advance, as we are not able to provide this service.

Kitchen Floor Installation – Please remove all furniture. Also remove all wall hangings and clocks, etc. as they may jar loose. We can move your stove and refrigerator, however, should your refrigerator have a water line, you’ll need to have the water line disconnected and reconnected.

Bath Floor Installation – The commode must be removed before installation and then re-installed. We can remove the commode but not re-set it. Please make arrangements to have your commode re-set after installation of your new flooring.

Wood Moldings – Shoemold is highly recommended after installation of any hard surface flooring, as this provides a more finished look. This molding is necessary when installing any type of floating floor such as laminates, as those types of floors require an expansion space between the floor and the wall. Should you already have shoemold we can remove and re-install it providing it is salvageable. We have several colors of shoemold to choose from. If you prefer painted shoemold, we ask that you provide us the paint. The stained or painted shoemold will be included in the price of installation.

Security Systems – If you have a security system, please advise us in advance. Security system wires can be easily cut if our installers are not aware that they are there.

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