Carpet Installation

The Pad – The quality of the pad is just as important as the carpet. Carpet will show early wear when the improper pad is installed. It’s important that you are prepared for your carpet installation. Review the Carpet Installation Prep Tips provided.

Door Clearances – Check the sweep clearance on the bottom of doors in the area to be carpeted. If the thickness of your new carpet and pad requires that doors be trimmed, you will need to make those arrangements in advance, as we are not able to provide this service.

Carpet Removal – If you’d like us to remove your existing carpet and pad, we will include the price for take up in your quote after measuring your room or rooms. This quote includes hauling it away. Should you prefer to remove the carpet and pad yourself, please make arrangements to have it disposed of by others. Also upon removal of the pad, the staples that hold the pad in place will also need to be removed. If your existing subfloor is concrete, then staples will not be present.

Furniture Moving – Please make arrangements prior to the arrival of our installers to have furniture cleared in rooms where carpet is to be installed/removed. Big screen TVs, computers, satellite hook-ups, etc., must be disconnected and moved. Also, we cannot be responsible for moving antiques or grandfather clocks. Should an entire room of furniture (with the exception of above mentioned items), need to be moved and then re-set after installation, we would be happy to quote a price for furniture moving. If only a few pieces of furniture need moved such as a sofa and chairs, we’ll move a small amount of furniture at no charge. China cabinets need to be emptied of all items along with book shelves or any other type of cabinet that holds content.
Bedrooms need to be completely emptied. This includes closets which need to be cleared of all shoes and clothing that hang to the floor. If you cannot move all furniture in a bedroom, we’d be glad quote you a price for this service.

Paint and Wallpaper – Painting and wallpaper should be done at least a week prior to carpet installation. This will give the paint and wallpaper glue a chance to dry completely. The backing on some carpets are coarse and can scuff walls and baseboard. Keep some extra paint handy in case the walls need minor touch up.

Seams in Carpet – Most wall to wall carpet installations require seaming. The width of the carpet will determine where seams will be located. Our estimator would be glad to show you exactly where seams will be.
Security Systems – If you have a security system, please advise us in advance. Security system wires can be easily cut if our installers are not aware that they are there, especially in doorways to the outside.

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